Director of Music Ministries


St. Paul’s, Ivy is a program-sized parish in a growing suburb of Charlottesville, Virginia. We are a vibrant, multi-generational congregation that highly values beautiful, joyful, and reverential worship services. We are seeking a full-time Director of Music Ministries who will lead us in building a robust music program at St. Paul’s, including the development of an excellent choral program for adults, children, and youth. The musical style at St. Paul’s is blended: our parish appreciates well-executed, traditional Anglican music, as well as familiar, readily singable hymnody from other Christian traditions. The successful candidate will have knowledge of the Anglican/Episcopal tradition, demonstrated success in growing a congregational music program, a collegial spirit, and administrative acumen. They will also see their work at St. Paul’s as a ministry for the glorification of God and the strengthening of discipleship among God’s people.

Position Description

A. Worship Planning

  • With the Rector, plan music for worship services.
  • Provide music information for service bulletins to the Director of Communications.
  • Guide the congregation as appropriate to enable musical participation.

B. Organ and Piano

  • Provide organ/piano music for the weekly 8:15 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. services.
  • Play for funerals and weddings as needed.

Play organ and/or piano for seasonal special services (e.g., Christmas, Holy Week, Easter, Evensongs, etc.).

C. Parish Adult Choir

  • Recruit paid section leaders, ensuring there is always a tenor, alto, soprano, and bass section leader.
  • Recruit people for the choir from the congregation and local community.
  • Direct the choir on Sunday mornings.
  • Lead weekly rehearsals.
  • Care for the pastoral needs of the choir.

D. Music Ministries for Children and Youth

  • Lead the children’s choir and develop new, engaging music programming for elementary school aged children.
  • Develop and implement new, engaging music programming for middle school and high school youth.
  • Work collaboratively with the Director of Children’s and Youth Ministries and other staff members in these efforts.

E. Administration

  • Arrange for the tuning and maintenance of the organ and pianos.
  • Maintain the music library, purchasing choral and organ music as appropriate.
  • Purchase choir robes, supplies for the choir room, music teaching materials, etc. as needed.
  • Manage the music budget.
  • Arrange for instrumental music as needed (e.g., brass at Easter, guest instrumentalists, soloists, etc.)
  • Maintain copyright licenses.
  • Arrange for supply musicians as needed.


  • Experience as a choral director.
  • Excellent organ and piano skills (undergraduate training required).
  • Able and excited to work with people of all ages.
  • Demonstrate ability to recruit new singers and to build a robust music program for all ages.
  • A willingness and an ability to meet people where they are and to guide them into a compelling vision of the music ministries at St. Paul’s.


  • The Director of Music Ministries will receive an annual salary of $60,000-$65,000.
  • In addition to their salary, they will received the following annual benefits:
    • Health, dental, and vision insurance for the employee.
    • A defined contribution retirement plan for lay employees in the Episcopal Church.
  • 15 days of annual leave per year.
  • 5 days per year for continuing education.
  • Continuing education budget of $500 per year.

Our Vision for St. Paul’s Music Ministries

Many children smiling as they learn to read music; large choirs of accomplished youth and adult singers leading the congregation in song; stirring organ music that nourishes our souls and brings us closer to God.

At St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Ivy, this is part of what we see when we imagine what our music ministries can become. The first step in making this vision a reality is to find a Director of Music Ministries who can help lead us there.

St. Paul’s, Ivy is committed to being a place where everyone feels welcome, no matter who they are or where they find themselves on their spiritual journey. We envision that our next Director of Music Ministries will see the essential role that music plays in that journey. They will make sacred music that touches people’s hearts, lifts their spirits, and connects them with one another and with God.

We envision a Director of Music Ministries who will be an enthusiastic, creative team player. This individual will collaboratively work with our clergy and church staff, together creating robust music ministries that enrich our congregation and the surrounding community.

As Episcopalians, we believe in the value of traditional Anglican hymns and service music, but we also embrace hymnody from other Christian traditions since many of our parishioners are not cradle Episcopalians. We envision having a Director of Music Ministries who is able and willing to play diverse styles of sacred music.

We envision having a Director of Music Ministries who is receptive to the ideas and experiences of the members of our adult choir. This individual will create a warm and supportive atmosphere within the various choirs we will create at St. Paul’s, Ivy, so that parishioners and non-parishioners alike will be eager to sing in our choirs.

We envision a multi-dimensional music program for children: those who want to commit to more rigor would learn to read music, sing with confidence, and become accomplished choristers, while those who are seeking something less formal would also be welcomed and enabled to make a joyful noise unto the Lord.
We envision hosting concerts, outdoor performances, and other musical events that draw in our neighbors. In this way, we see St. Paul’s, Ivy bringing those outside of our congregation into the presence of God through music.
Does this vision speak to you? Are you feeling called to be our Director of Music Ministries?

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To apply for the position, please submit the following to The Rev. Justin McIntosh () and The Rev. Amanda Kotval ():

  • A resume or CV with a cover letter.
  • A video recording of the candidate playing an organ piece AND a piano piece.
  • Contact information for three professional references.